Saving Money, Increasing Cash Flow, Doing the Earth Good. We Like the Sound of That!


TMG saves Clients’ money and reduces their carbon footprint by implementing sustainable and “green” energy solutions in system design and integration. Specializing in On-Site Utility, Turnkey Projects, and Sustainable System Construction Management, TMG combines the knowledge and experience required to implement energy solutions on time and on budget. Client focused, TMG provides exceptional service tailored to meet public and private sector customer needs.


TMG implements integrated, sustainable energy solutions in commercial, residential, industrial, and healthcare buildings with three options: On-Site Utility, Turnkey Projects, and Sustainable System Construction Management.


1. On-Site Utility:

TMG Energy Systems Inc. is an “On-Site Utility” offering clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling to commercial and industrial facilities.  We sell the energy produced on-site as an alternative to the outright sale of energy equipment.  We design, install, own, operate and maintain combined heat and power (CHP) and cooling systems tailored to a customer’s specific site requirements.  We uniquely combine energy savings that improve the environment with exceptional economics. The facilities we service include Universities, hospitals, office buildings, data centers, large residential buildings, and athletic clubs. Our ownership includes the rights to all carbon reduction credits produced by our systems.


With our On-Site Utility program, customers pay only for the energy they need and use.  Our typical agreement is between 8 - 12 years in term. Our monthly invoices include a guaranteed discount rate below a customer’s prevailing local utility energy rates on the energy we sell.  There are no capital costs, financing or operating expenses for the customer (TMG Energy Systems pays for everything).  As soon as we begin producing energy on-site, customers immediately realize enhanced cash flow and increased net income.  They also receive direct operational gains because there is no impact on the property’s staffing, overhead or balance sheet.


By outsourcing the ownership, management and financing of CHP and energy systems to TMG Energy Systems, customers can enjoy the significant economic benefits of distributed electricity, heat generation and chilled water systems without requiring capital investment, specialized in-house technical skills and manpower, operational responsibility or ownership.



A. Hybrid Chiller Plants:

TMG Energy Systems has a unique approach to the design and integration of a new Chilled Water system.  Defined as a Hybrid Chiller System, TMG profiles a potential project and designs a system utilizing a combination of existing technologies such as High Efficiency Electric drive chillers, Gas fired Reciprocating Chillers, and Absorption based machines.  We take into account the clients chilled water load, the chilled water load profile, the applicable utility rates and their respective structuring.  The intent is to design an extremely efficient chilled water system that that is as inexpensive to operate as possible.  In some cases TMG will utilize a CHP module (or modules) and utilize the waste heat for an absorption process to provide Chilled water, this concept is referred to as TriGeneration.


This system design approach is unique to TMG Energy Systems as we own and operates the majority of the systems we install.  Our ability to profile a facility and design an operationally cost effective system is unparalleled in the market.



B. UHE (ultra high efficiency) Boiler Systems:

TMG Energy Systems will also design an ultra-high efficiency Boiler System that is tailored to your facility and its thermal load profile.  More often than not a facility will size their boiler system around a combined heating and domestic water load otherwise known as a total thermal load.  This can cause drastic efficiency degradation during part load (i.e. shoulder months and summer months) periods.  Any given boiler has a plate efficiency rating (80%-94%).  This rating is based on the combustion efficiency of the boiler itself at high fire with limited cycling.  Once you figure in the lowered efficiency due to part load periods and increased cycling due to load swings the plate rating is reduced to what we call the “realized efficiency” rating.  The answer to this dilemma is to design a boiler system with several different thermal sources that line up with the facilities load profile.  This will ensure that the equipment is always operating at or near to its optimally efficient output.



2. Turnkey:

Includes all aspects of Green System integration and construction in engineering and installation. The Client pays for the installation and equipment and owns the final product; therefore, the Client receives complete benefit from the technology. This includes LGS, Chiller Plants, Boiler Upgrades and retro-fits.



3. Sustainable System Construction Management:

Includes all aspects of project design, development, and execution. We specialize in the administration, coordination, and filing/capture of all the available “Green” incentive programs and rebates.


We focus on opportunities where we capitalize on incentives available because of the Clients’ existing, inefficient mechanical systems. Given these parameters, we design and implement a new system that will provide them with chilled water, electric, and thermal energy at a significantly higher efficiency. Because of the gap between the existing and new system energy costs, the new system will provide our Clients electricity, thermal, and chilled water with a significant discount off their existing energy costs. We calculate the existing energy costs using the Client’s current electric, steam, oil, and gas rates and are able to get a dollar value for therm (for heating and cooling), kilowatt hour (W), and kilowatt (KW) that the Client is currently paying. Then, each month we calculate the energy costs based on the existing rates and provide the Client with a real time savings analysis for a predetermined period of years. This analysis or “verification” is an essential and necessary aspect of capturing the available federal, state, and utility incentives.


For each project, TMG aims to have at least a five-year payback and a 20–25% IRR for their Clients. These numbers are based on the efficiency of the systems we deploy, run times, incentives available, and the Clients’ utility rates.  Because the systems that TMG Energy installs operate at a much higher efficiency than the existing Clients' systems, we are able to achieve a five-year payback.

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